Let’s start at the very beginning…

OK, here goes.

I keep waiting for the perfect time and reason to start a blog but I’m going about it all wrong.  I wanted the blog to be “perfect” from the beginning.  I wanted to already know my topics and layout and everything.  Well, it’s been three years since I opened my WordPress account so time just to get on with it, don’t you think…

Here’s what I do know.

1.  I’ll do my best to spell everything correctly and to use the correct grammar.  If you see any errors, tell me, please.  Seriously, I physically flinch when I spot errors.  I think the decline of spelling and grammar is a sign of bad things to come for society.  (I’m only half joking.)

Here are some written quirks I have.  The … dot dot dot.  I do it a lot.  I can’t seem to help myself trailing off at the end of a sentence, I’m not sure why…  You get the idea.  I also overuse brackets.  Sometimes brackets within brackets.  I speak and think very, very quickly (even for a Fifer) and sometimes thoughts break in mid-sentence and I feel the need to stick that thought in when I’m writing.  Sorry.  I hope that’s not too annoying.

2. I won’t use real names.  My husband is, quite rightly, very uncomfortable with our kids having an online presence.  I think it is inevitable that they will soon join the online world and I would rather keep myself ahead of the(ir) game.  For the moment, let’s just say there are four of them – 2 boys and 2 girls ranging from 9 years old down to 3 years old (in 2013).  There is also, as mentioned above, the husband.  He’s a Dutch sailor.  He’s pretty awesome and I say a small thank you to any powers that be whenever I think about him (except, obviously, during those spats that can happen, which is pretty much every day… )

(Yes, I had three kids under three.  Yes, they were all planned.  Yes, it was hard work.  Yes, I had to be very organised.  Yes, the fourth one two years later was a slight surprise.  But not such a big surprise that we couldn’t answer my husband’s panicked “But… how… how…when…?”)

What else do I know.

3. I’ll probably blog about daily life.  My daily life.  So, don’t expect this to be fascinating insightful stuff.  I’m a fairly run-of-the-mill SAHM.  I budget, shop, cook, clean (sometimes), tidy (a lot) and am obsessed with decluttering and simplifying our home and lives.  I love the concept of minimalism but the reality of life means we struggle with a truly minimalistic home.  But, know what?  I love my couch.  And my electric whisk.  And some pretty lampshades.  And gorgeous living room units to hold my “stuff”.  Anyway, more on minimalism later.

4. I’ll talk about organising (yes, with an ‘s’).  I love organising.  I love sorting stuff out, categorising, arranging, decluttering and having little systems.  No, I don’t tend to do it with colour co-ordinated home binders (tried that – no-one could read my writing) but I do have some neat little systems that help us (me?) keep on top of the running of this household.

Right, that’s enough.  Let’s post this and see what it looks like.  I have no idea who I’m doing this blog for.  Sh-lo in Canada?  Ma en Pa in the Netherlands?  My Sailor on his boat?  Why not just use Facebook?  Bleurgh is my only answer to that question…

I guess this is just a sort of diary for me.  The weeks seem to just slip by and I often can’t recall exactly what I did all day (picked a lot of stuff off the floor, mostly) so I think I will try to use this as a record of what I do.  In case anyone ever asks me.  Hopefully not in court.

I’ll try to intersperse dull “What I Did Today” posts with more useful and interesting ones.

Right, off to preview and publish.